Organize your life using Google Calendar

Kiersten Beecher
Staff Writer

unnamedI never used the Google Calendar app until this semester and it is already one of the best decisions I have ever made.  It helps keep me on track with when and where I need to be. I have two jobs this semester and a full course load and I was feeling more than a little overwhelmed, but the Google Calendar app is free with a Google account.

Color Coding: In the app, you can set a color for each event you add. Not only does this make it more visually appealing than just plain monochromatic calendars but it makes it easier to identify the different things you added. They also fade after the event has passed so that you don’t get confused and look at the wrong day. I made each of my courses and jobs a different color. It makes them stand out from each other and it is easy to identify what each item is. And it makes it pretty to look at.

Gaps: The biggest problem I had getting ready for this semester, was not being able to really SEE the amount of time I had between my classes. After I put all of my course times into Google Calendar, I could see the blocks of time that I had between them. This makes it easier to plan time for friends and homework.

unnamed-2Reminders: Most students procrastinate, but you can have the Google Calendar send you reminders for where you need to be and when. More than once I have gotten sidetracked and lost track of time, but I set reminders in the app so when that happens I get a notification. Notifications can be set for however early you want; I set them on my phone to remind me to get myself into gear. You can also set each event for how often it repeats, like a class. You can have it repeat at the same time Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the rest of the semester without having to put each one in individually and have the same alerts for each class.

Everywhere: Because everything you put into the calendar gets saved to your Google account, you can access it on any device. You can use it when you log in at the library, your personal computer, on your phone or any other device you can log into Google with. This is probably one of the most important features of the app because you won’t lose your schedule; if one device stops working you always have a backup.

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