Student of the Week: Find her at BrickYard

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor


Name: Brittany Hipple
Year: Senior
Major: Pre-K 4/Early Childhood and Special Education

Walking up to a random group of people and asking one of them to be student of the week is never going to get easier, but luckily, I’ve met this student of the week before. Brittany and I met on the court of an intramural volleyball game when we found ourselves on the same team through mutual friends.

When she’s not spiking the ball on the court, you can also find Brittany on campus as the President of Student Pennsylvania State Education Association, which is a Pa teachers’ union but the student chapter. Brittany is really proud of her club and of herself for being a student leader on campus for such a club and for so long.

20160406_141422_resized_1Brittany also sang in the Cabaret this spring because of her love of musical theater. If she had a day off, she would drive to NYC to see a show because she loves them so much and it’s where she feels most comfortable. Brittany also loves to read in her free time; her favorite book being “Still Alice.”

Brittany is currently working on her upcoming teaching career. Currently, she works at Crossroads Child Learning Center. She hopes to one day work on a military base overseas, hopefully in Italy, but Spain is a close second in location choices. She has dreams of backpacking through Europe and paying off her debts. If she had no monetary limitations, she would just travel around experiencing the world because she’s never been outside of the United States before. Eventually, Brittany wants to get her PhD and teach as a professor of early childhood.

Her favorite class throughout her college career is Inquiry into Biology with Dr. Seiler. She enjoyed learning about science and thought it was very interesting. Brittany thought the class was very engaging and that Dr. Seiler is an amazing professor. She especially loved dissecting a pig heart. Brittany says that class will help her teach science in her classroom.

If you want to meet Brittany and learn more about her, you can probably find her at The Brickyard in Williamsport because she loves their food and she’s a beer and burgers kind of girl.

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