Concert Conundrums: Fetty Wap or Zoo Gang?

Mary Jones
A&E Editor

0410161925aLock Haven University held its annual Spring Concert on Sunday, April 10. The headliner of the show, Fetty Wap, made sure the tickets sold out in the same week they went on sale. But did he live up to Lock Haven’s expectations?

Despite not being my kind of music, I decided to attend my last Lock Haven Spring Concert before I graduated. After waiting in the cold, security let us in half an hour early. Of course, everyone excitedly rushed up to the front. I was one of the lucky concert goers who got to be right against the barrier.

At 7 p.m, the opening act, Zoo Gang, started their performance. They experienced some technical issues at first and the stage hands were still setting everything up, but only five minutes into the performance, everything was fixed and it took off. The lead of the group was full of energy. He was all over the stage, dancing and entertaining the crowd. Especially when he started performing covers and getting the crowd to sing along to a small part of Adele’s “Hello.”

0410161921bThe cons of the performance centered mainly around cell phones. The group had two or three people on stage the entire time, using their phones to record the performance for SnapChat. Another con was their female performer. She sounded strange, almost like she was 12 years old and trying to sing too high.

After their hour long performance, they continued performing for the half hour it took to set up the stage for Fetty Wap. Finally, he stepped up and began his performance.

And then . . . it was over. Don’t get me wrong, Wap’s set was interesting. He told us he injured his leg, but he was still going to give us a show, and he did. He didn’t dance quite like Zoo Gang, but he was still all over the stage. However, it was hard to understand his lyrics and, compared to Zoo Gang’s hour, he only performed for half an hour.

0410161907bNot only that, but Zoo Gang’s two main members were on stage performing with him, and they gave out CDs for Zoo Group’s newest album! Sure, most of the songs featured Fetty Wap, but still! During his set? Really?

Around 9:05 p.m., Fetty Wap left the stage at the end of his set. However, Zoo Gang didn’t. Their DJ took the booth back over, and the lead members came to the space between the stage and the barrier to talk to the audience. They even performed more as we were leaving!

Overall, the sound and showmanship were good for Zoo Gang, despite having their cell phones out the entire time. I’d give them a 4 out of 5 eagles. The sound and showmanship were just mediocre for Fetty Wap. I’d give him a 3 out of 5 eagles. Zoo Gang outshined and outplayed the main act, and I couldn’t help but wonder – who did I really just see in concert?

Photos: By Mary Jones


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