Foursquare app: Customize to easily find places and food

Aarron Coleman
Staff Writer

Avenue 1Have you ever been in the mood for a particular type of food or entertainment, but were in an unfamiliar area? Do you ever get tired of the same routine and want to try new experiences, but don’t know where to start? If this sounds anything like you, you may want to try out Foursquare, an app that recommends places that fit your personal interests.

After installing the app, a survey is taken to see what things may interest you. Once it has your interests as well as location, the app can find local establishments that best match your preferences.

With the app installed and time on my hands, I wanted to try out Foursquare and see if it were as helpful as it had appeared. One of the things I searched for was “espresso,” and the first of locations to appear was Avenue 209. It gave me a proximity of the stores location, an estimate for expenses and it even gave the store a rating out of ten; the store’s rating is an 8.9 if you were wondering.

Among the cool functions that Foursquare displays, there are others that the app contains such as having a comment section where fellow Foursquare users share their opinions and recommendations as well as experiences at any of the local businesses that you may be interested in. The app also has an optional notification system where it notifies you of spots that fit other preferences that you have yet to search for. This function is perfect for anyone who travels around and is constantly looking for places that can give them a little comfort.

This app is a must-have, especially for those who love to try new things and explore new places while staying on budget.


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