Students gather in solidarity against sexual assault

Kathleen Ellison

DSC_0005The HOPE Center hosted its annual Take Back the Night rally on Wednesday, April 12 on the steps of Price Auditorium.

The event started with a speech from Professor Lisette Schillig, the HOPE Center director and Advisory Board chair.

Amanda Frayeh from sports studies spoke about sports and sexual assault. She stated that one in three assaults are committed by athletes, and how so often schools seem more concerned with win-loss records than the safety of students. She described how athletes can be good role models, but they are public figures who must face accountability.

Amy Downes from the Social Work and Clinical Mental Health Counseling department spoke of the survivors she helped and how sexual assault “permeates our culture; nobody is immune.”

Some students shared their own experiences with sexual assault. One student explained the extra hardships for members of the LGBTQA community. They explained that many of them will often be targeted for their lifestyles or not come forward for fear of being outed.

Student Meghan Mausteller spoke of the new “Yes Means Yes” policy and asked the critical question “What are we doing? We need to make sure those words mean something.”

Photos: By Kathleen Ellison

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