If you have an opinion, take action!

Morgan Costello
Guest Writer

ballot-1294935_1280With the primaries upon us, it is nearly impossible to go a day without hearing about the latest dumb thing that Trump has said, the next point on Bernie’s socialist agenda, or another reason why Clinton isn’t ‘hip.’

It’s no wonder why many people chose to simply ignore politics these days- it all seems like a reality TV show and it’s just better to not partake and avoid the whole mess of it. I get it, I really do. It is craziness out there, politics are confusing, and who likes the government anyway? All things considered, please vote anyways!

I do not understand when people give do their voice so easily by refusing to vote. Sure, America has its flaws but spend a year or two in any other country in the world and most likely, you’ll be missing the good ol’ USA. (This is not to say the U.S. is in any way the ‘best’ country. It isn’t. But it’s home.) And part of the privilege that American’s are born with is the amazing opportunity to have a choice in who we chose to run our country.

That is our choice! We decide! I am tired of people being jaded, being apathetic, the “I’m too chill to give a heck about anything” persona. We get it, you’re a hippy. And you know what hippies did? Protested peacefully. Made their voices  heard.

The media makes us millennials out to be too dumb to vote, too obsessed with social media to care. We all know this is not true, so let’s prove them wrong. So don’t tell me you don’t care about the election and ‘tend not to get involved.’ Have a viewpoint, have an opinion, make a choice.

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