News Briefs

Caroline Clayton
News Editor

Michael Strahan leaving ‘Live with Kelly and Michael”

ABC_logo_2007ABC announced that former NFL star Michael Strahan will be leaving “Live with Kelly and Michael”later this year to join Good Morning America as a co-anchor. Strahan is already a frequent guest on GMA, but he will now be on the show full-time. Strahan has been a part of the “Live” family since he took over for Regis Philbin in 2012. The search for a new co-host will start in September with on-air tryouts, just how Strahan got his position.

Jennifer Aniston most beautiful women of 2016

‘People’ magazine has announced Jennifer Aniston as 2016’s Most Beautiful Woman for the second time. Aniston was last given this title back in 2004. The 47-year-old former “Friends” star gives credit to learning how to take care of herself better over the years. Last year’s most beautiful woman was 50-year-old Sandra Bullock, making Aniston the second youngest recipient of this title.

Hillary Clinton ahead of Bernie Sanders in Pennsylvania

After Hillary Clinton winning the New York primaries (last week–CHECK), Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders will have tough competition in Pennsylvania. A poll released by Monmouth University finds that Clinton is leading Sanders by 13 percent in PA. Sanders visited Penn State University Tuesday night and gave a speech to the students who attended. The poll also notes that Pennsylvania is a key swing state.

Ecuador expierences two quakes in three days

A 6.2 earthquake hit Ecuador earlier this week, only a few days after a 7.8 earthquake hit over the weekend. The quake over the weekend killed more than 500 people, leaving 100 missing, 4,600 injured and around 1,500 buildings destroyed. There was no tsunami warning after the 6.2 quake and no reports of death or new damage. The Geophysical Institute stated that there were 17 aftershocks.

Verizon strike

Verizon technicians, repairmen and call center workers went on strike last week after contract disputes. Little more than a fifth of the company’s total employees walked out, the largest labor action in a decade. Verizon has hired a shadow workforce of thousands to fill the vacancies until the strike ends.

Queen Elizabeth turns 90

crown-307967_1280April 21 marks Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday ad, to celebrate this occasion, a picture was taken for a new stamp sheet. The picture showed the four generations of the Royal Family including, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George. Along with this picture, there are six others to commemorate the Queen’s birthday.

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