Pennsylvania presidential primaries coming up

Jayson Moyer
Managing Editor

ballot-1294935_1280The 2016 Pennsylvania Presidential Primaries will be held this coming Tuesday, April 26th, 2016.

Donald Trump headlines the Republican Party, as he currently holds a total of 845 delegates.  1,237 total delegates are needed to win the nomination, leaving 733 remaining.

Trump won the New York primary election on Tuesday, earning over 60 percent of the votes and a total of 89 delegates.

Ted Cruz is currently in second place with total amount of delegates in the Republican Party with 559, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich is in third with 148.

Kasich earned four delegates in the New York primary, getting 25 percent of the votes.  Cruz got a little over 14 percent and obtained no delegates.

The Democratic Party is currently headlined by Hillary Clinton.  Clinton has been the frontrunner pretty much all along.  She holds a total of 1,930 delegates.

Bernie Sanders, the only other candidate from the Democratic Party, holds 1,189 delegates right now.  2,838 total delegates are needed to win the nomination for the Democrats, with 1,646 remaining.

Clinton received over one million votes in the New York primary, got 58 percent of the votes, and was awarded 139 total delegates.  Sanders obtained 106 delegates and got 42 percent of the votes.

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