The most magical college on earth

Kali Savercool
Guest Writer

Have you ever considered traveling abroad? Does the thought of traveling to another country scare you? Maybe you just are not sure about where you want to go yet. I have a solution for you.

Disney; it is something everyone knows and loves. Over the course of a lifetime, one goal most people have is to visit Walt Disney World. This includes college students. We grew up watching movies like Lion King, Toy Story, and even El Dorado. As children, we binged watched Disney Channel, waited with anticipation for Friday night DCOMS, and tried to convince our parents to purchase every piece of Disney merchandise we saw.

Going to Walt Disney World is a dream for many students. However, on a college student budget it seems impossible. The good news is that Disney has made it possible for you can not only visit but also enjoy a semester long trip to their amazing park in the Sunshine State. This offer gets even better when you can do so while still earning money and college credit towards your degree at your home university. This opportunity is the Disney College Program.

The program is offered to college students or recent graduates who want to earn real experience in the most magical place on earth. Students are placed in a paid position, which is related to their future career, and they get to experience an array of jobs in that field.  Students live on Disney property in housing complexes during their stay, which also offers transportation and community living. They attend classes and earn credits while they are there as well as credit for the internship.

The best part, they get unlimited Disney.  Students in the Disney College Program are given free access to everything Disney while they are in the program and are allowed to enjoy these benefits on their days off from the program.

How does it get any better you may ask? Students who have previously participated in the program are eligible for summer sections of the program as well as more likely to receive Disney Professional Internships. This program is an amazing opportunity not only to get to travel, get to live and work in the most magical place on earth, but also hone in on career skills. Another aspect of this experience is the fact that you would be able to get to put the Disney company on your resume.

Think of how many doors that would open. This experience is once in a lifetime and an amazing opportunity. I personally think everyone should try to take advantage of it while they can. It is a way for you to not only achieve your dream of visiting Walt Disney World but also you get to be a part of making the magic happen for other people.

For those students who grew up on Disney, what could be better? This opportunity is only offered to students and recent graduates, so take advantage of it while you can. Live your dreams and experience the magic.


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