Chelsea Clinton calls for help

Derek Danneker
Staff Writer

“What really matters to you? Climate Change? Racial profiling?… [look and] see what a stark difference there is between my mother [Hillary Clinton] and Donald Trump” says Chelsea Clinton, the Democratic candidate’s daughter, Tuesday September 27 during a press call for students. According to Chelsea, Clinton offers the most progressive platform.

Of particular interest to students, college debt came up quickly. Chelsea commented about a platform that is trying to allow all students the ability to index loans as a percentage of income, enable people who are engaged in public service to act as loan repayment and give people who are starting a business a 3 year grace period on their loans. To top this off, Chelsea added that anyone should be able to go to community college tuition-free and people whose families make under 25,000 dollars per year should be able to graduate from public college debt-free. She sternly stated that “the federal government should not profit off of student debt.”

Climate change was also addressed due to concerned students. Chelsea applauded President Obama for his accomplishments, saying that he “has preserved more land than Teddy Roosevelt” with a Congress that refuses to acknowledge the reality of climate change or when it does, refuses to acknowledge that it is artificial.

Chelsea thought highly of her mother’s policy that every home will be powered by clean energy by the end of her term. With emerging bipartisan support and pressure from state governments for climate change issues, she believes this can happen.

Chelsea Clinton said of the two party system, “If people are frustrated, they can work to change that…[or] People can work to change the character of the Democratic Party… Either way, people have to vote.”


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