Film on 9-11 brings about great perspective

Jayson Moyer

The History Channel released a documentary called “15 Septembers Later” on Sept. 5.  The documentary includes interviews of over 40 people, sharing their never-before-told stories from the events on Sept. 11, 2001.  Among those interviewed are President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and the commissioners from both the New York Police and Fire Departments on that day.

Oddly enough, being a sports fanatic, I find myself very interested in historic documentaries from important dates in the past.  As I’ve gotten older, my maturity level has increased and thus has sparked my interest even more into finding out what went on during the attacks on the World Trade Center.

“15 Septembers Later” shows some never-before-seen videos as well as some vital information that the government did not release until years after the attacks occurred.

For example, the White House photographer during that time period tells his stories from the day’s events, including showing photos specifically of President Bush at different moments during the day.  

Also, fighter jet pilots are interviewed, and they recollect what happened to them when they were called to take down a hijacked aircraft that had not responded to the orders of the FAA to ground all aircrafts.  That is the only time in history that the order to “clear the skies” has ever been given.

Messages from two-way pagers are shown as well as voicemail messages that were left, including voicemails from those who were on Flight 93 while the plane was in the process of being hijacked.

I couldn’t imagine what it was like to be a person on Sept. 11 before I watched this film.  After all, I was only in first grade when this happened and I don’t remember a thing from that day other than what I’ve watched or read or heard.  However, after I watched “15 Septembers Later,” I have a greater understanding and appreciation for what it was like to be a person on Sept. 11.

If you are eager to learn about a historic event or are just plain into documentaries, this one is the one for you.  You never know what you’ll find while scrolling through the free movies on Xfinity OnDemand; some of them just might be worth two hours of your time.

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