LHU student writes strike letter

Dear Mr. Frank Brogan,

        I would like to start this email with some information about myself that may help you understand my position on the possible APSCUF strike. I’m currently a student attending Lock Haven University, but I didn’t start off here. I transferred to Lock Haven from the University of Arkansas during my sophomore year, and I will never regret that decision. I was seen as just a number at the University of Arkansas, and I never even knew whom my academic advisor was in the two years attending there. That all changed the minute I arrived at Lock Haven. I became Brooke Wilk; a student with so much potential that I started to succeed with flying colors that I didn’t know were possible. I now have a fantastic advisor, the best professors around (I’m a little biased) and a new place that I call home. Lately though, it feels like the foundation of my home is slowly but surely starting to crack, and I would like to address this situation from a student’s perspective. All I ask is a minute of your time to hear me out, on behalf of the all the affected students, and the distraught faculty of the 14 state schools.

        I  sent a well thought email to you sometime last week about how my professors deserve to have a moment of your time for contract negotiations. You probably didn’t even read it considering you sent back a generic email with another student’s name on it. So, this is me addressing the issue again, with a spotlight this time. You push aside the wishes of faculty, people who have strived their whole lives to make a difference in someone else’s; You push them aside the same way you did me. These people have influenced more lives, and have helped so many people reach their goals of success that it must mean something to you. You need these devoted people, and yet they have been without contract for more than 450 days. That’s over a year, Mr. Brogan. I do not see that as acceptable progress. You tell me that you want to “remain working toward an agreement,” but I feel most of faculty’s requests are going in one ear, and out the other.

        With the possibility of bringing in, “substitutes,” or others, striving for their master’s degree, to educate these 14 schools, I can 100 percent say they will never compare to Lock Haven University’s faculty. I have experienced master’s degree students teach at Arkansas, and it was more of a disaster then you could ever imagine. Nor will I ever receive the amazing education I am now, if my professors are constantly worrying about job security. All they want is equality when it comes to them teaching and knowing that they will have a job the same time next year, and as a student I want that for them. My professors devote enough time to students to last them a lifetime and a half, and I think they deserve for you to devote some of your time to them. I’m not asking for much, but when going in for negotiations, I want everyone to remember that not just Lock Haven’s faculty, but all faculties at the 14 state schools are changing the lives of thousands of students who in return are going to change the world. Mr. Brogan, I do not doubt that you’re an intelligent man, because I fully believe that you are, but when it comes to faculties wanting a contract that will better their teaching, and a student’s overall education experience, what’s stopping you?

        As a student, I want the very best for my professors because they have always wanted the very best for me. When I doubt myself, they tell me I can do it. When I struggle through class, they welcome me in their office with open arms. This contract was never about the money, it’s about what they believe is best for them to provide the perfect learning environment for students. My professors deserve nothing but the best, and I’m sure the thousands of other students who are experiencing this crisis agree. Mr. Brogan, I invite and encourage you to come to Lock Haven and experience this feeling that I feel every time I step on campus. You feel at home with nothing but love for your family of students and faculty. We learn together, and we succeed together. You can’t change that. Please give them the time that they deserve, not just for faculty, but for the student body as well. Thank you for your time, I greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

        Brooke Wilk

        -Proud Lock Haven University Student


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