Artist spotlight: Jordan Dykes

Name: Jordan Dykes

Hometown: Brook Haven, PA

Age: 22

What kind art field are you in?

I am studying Graphic and Online Design.

When did you start creating your artwork?

I started drawing seriously in the 6th grade, just making characters I found fun to draw. Over the years, I have refined my skills in drawing and even became interested in graphic design.

What is your favorite piece you’ve created and why?

I can’t say that I have a favorite. I try not to get too attached to anything I make. I simply enjoy making art. I like to express myself with my art because it’s my voice; it’s any and everything I care about.

What/who has inspired you the most and why?

One of my biggest supporters and best friend Michael Evans is a big inspiration for me to keep doing what I love to do and always aspire to do better with myself. He’s always encouraging me and challenging me on my ideas. He keeps me grounded and sharp. Michael is one of those friends that will tell you what you don’t want to hear, but it’s what you need, which is something I absolutely love about our friendship. Similarly, my advisor and professor, Jason Bronner, is another one of my biggest inspirations to always keep improving my designs. He encourages all of his students to keep looking up new designs and to never stick with one thing.

Is there an emotion that you wish to evoke when people see your artwork?

It depends on what I am trying to talk about with my work. There are times I want my audience to feel different things. Some works I may need the audience to feel disgusted or sad, like in “Bad Trade.” With that piece, I highlight the horrors of what the ivory trade does to elephants and plead to end this atrocity. In others, I may want the audience to just think about the material, like in “He Wished He was in Her Shoes.” With this piece, I made a collage of a family with typical gender stereotypes, except the roles are switched so that the little boy is playing with dolls and the star quarterback is the teenage daughter. Other times, I simply make works just for the sake of it looking cool.  Many of my collages are subject to this.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years in this art field?

I have no idea. Honestly, I could be anywhere and it’s really hard to say what will even happen in the next two months. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns and I find it exciting not knowing what could happen, simply because the possibilities are endless.

Do you try to incorporate your home into your art at all?

No, I typically try to make my art about social issues in our society. For instance gender, racial, or sometimes I address global issues.

What other artists do you look up to? Or who is your favorite artist(s)?

I have a few artists that inspire me like Glenn Kean, Michael DiMartino, Luis Jimenez and Jessica Walsh.

What kind of projects are you working on right now that we can look forward to checking out?

Right now, we are working on a project that highlights an issue that concerns us and we are to make a poster about that, and there’s also a twist. We have to design another poster about an issue that someone else is passionate about. My idea is on how women are treated in society and the other idea is centered on people wasting food.

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