The equal and opposite reaction

Derek Danneker
Staff Writer

The election of Donald Trump is unprecedented within United States politics. He has obtained the role of President despite being distinctly unqualified in nearly every aspect. The man has 75 pending lawsuits including those of unpaid workers, deceived Trump University pupils and women who say they have been touched and groped inappropriately. One could say that they are indeed lawsuits which have no verdict. This is true, but 75 lawsuits is not nothing.

I think this speaks volumes about our future president’s character flaws.

Adding to this, he is a demagogue in the most classic sense of the word. He preached of an inner-city war zone, economic disaster and mass voting fraud, all while perpetuating himself as the only chance for a recovery. Most laughably, only a few days after repeatedly condemning a corrupt system, Trump won the “rigged” election and accepted the results as if nothing had happened. Worse yet, hardly any of his supporters seemed to bat an eye.

I don’t blame people for falling for Trump’s particular kind of fear mongering. The political left has major faults which has led to the election of what must be the most crass, insouciant and insipid presidents in our history.

Throughout Hillary Clinton’s campaign there was an inability to speak honestly about radical Islam, Islamism and jihadism. Worrying about the threat of terrorism does not make one Islamophobic or racist. In fact, other moderate Muslims should be the most worried about the threat of Islam.

Islam is not a “religion of peace,” no matter how many times President Obama says it. Most Americans know this and single issue voters were alienated by Clinton. Now we are left with Trump who speaks about radical Islam but for the wrong reasons. He is a bigot who wants a travel ban on Muslims and wants to create a national registry for them, replete with a special card they would have to carry. There has been no real honesty about immigration or terrorism by the left and the fact that no candidate brought up Europe’s immigration crisis caused red flags to wave on the right.

“If you don’t stop crying, I’ll give you something to cry about.” This phrase, once propagated by parents of sobbing children, must have been ringing in the ears of voters as they casted their ballots for Trump. The left’s oversensitivity and thin skin is sordid. The constant reaching for the moral high ground through the social justice warrior movement is perhaps the most boring regression.

Through safe spaces, microaggressions, new gender pronouns, cultural appropriation, trigger warnings (and trust me this frivolous list goes on), the left has not only stymied education but perpetuated the whiny college liberal stereotype which led to the white identity politics we saw Nov. 8.

This list is incomplete but I suppose the left has nearly four years, two if lucky, to readjust to reality. It is also the left’s job to accept Donald Trump as president. We live in a democracy and a small majority should be treated as a consensus. Considering Trump’s supreme ineptitude, he needs all the help we can give him.


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