MBB off to best start in 23 years

Jayson Moyer Editor-in-Chief jpm362@lhup.edu Lock Haven University men’s basketball coach Mike Nestor certainly has a young group this year.  With 10 new players on the roster, eight being freshman, the challenge of beginning a new season from nearly scratch would seem daunting. However, that’s not the way that this season has begun with Nestor’s latest … Continue reading MBB off to best start in 23 years


Super-Senior says it’s going to be okay

Amanda Thomas Lifestyles Editor act6730@lhup.edu No one wants to stay in college longer than the promised four years, but sometimes it’s necessary. Maybe you changed your major a dozen times, maybe you failed a class or two and need to retake them and it set you back, maybe you took on a second major or … Continue reading Super-Senior says it’s going to be okay

Save on gifts and make your holiday happier

Maggi Mumma PSECU PR Intern A Special to the Eagle Eye As the holidays approach and the gift-giving season swings into high gear, it’s important to create a game plan and stick to it. Below are some tips to make your holidays happier for both the special people in your life and your wallet. Make … Continue reading Save on gifts and make your holiday happier

The HOPE Center is a safe place

Meghan Maustellar Staff Writer mlm6713@lhup.edu The HOPE Center would like to remind everyone that it is a safe and confidential space[SLT1]  for all students in accordance with our mission to support, empower and enlighten all students about issues of sex, gender, sexual violence, personal safety and health, social justice and educational equity. Our office, located in … Continue reading The HOPE Center is a safe place

Surviving finals week: A few tips

Jasmine Howard Staff Writer jah4470@lhup.edu Finals are coming up and I find myself asking people what number they’re on in relation to emotional breakdowns. I’m on seven so far.  Yes, finals week can be stressful and I can already see the flames surrounding us and life falling apart as we say, “I’m fine,” with a smile. … Continue reading Surviving finals week: A few tips

Finals week: Things you don’t do, but really should

Megan McKenna Staff Writer mem271@lhup.edu Each year, new students flood onto campus and are looking for tips and tricks to make college life easier. The problem is that they get very good advice, and then fail to follow through with it. Now, I know that everyone has this problem from time to time, so I thought … Continue reading Finals week: Things you don’t do, but really should

Nerding Out: Dishonored

Tyler Tallmadge Staff Writer tpt1732@lhup.edu It’s not very often that I get obsessed with a console game. Overwatch is still one of the games that I play the most, but as far as story driven games go, I don’t typically get hooked. Games like Call of Duty and Halo have never really tripped my trigger. I … Continue reading Nerding Out: Dishonored

Artist Spotlight: Colin Harvey

Name: Colin Harvey Hometown: Holland, PA Age: 22 Fun fact about yourself: My girlfriend and I are planning a volunteer trip to Ghana for a month this summer to help build school libraries and work on farms. We are going with the NGO Thrive Africa, and are currently fundraising. When did you start playing/performing? I … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Colin Harvey

Gilmore Girls returns!

Jasmine Howard Staff Writer jah4470@lhup.edu Ok, so I know we’re supposed to be studying for finals and all, but this is important news. Drop your papers and your 16 coffee cups because Gilmore Girls is back! Netflix has blessed us with a mini-series entitled “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” set a decade after the … Continue reading Gilmore Girls returns!

University Players march on at LHU

Katharine Grubb Staff Writer kmg183@lhup.edu Lock Haven University can claim a good deal of pride in the fact that we offer a wide assortment of clubs for everyone interested. Some of these clubs, from honor societies to sports related groups, are more popular than others, but that doesn’t make them any more important. One such club … Continue reading University Players march on at LHU