Thank you, to the Eagle Eye staff, for an awesome semester

Jayson Moyer

It is crazy how much faster time flies as you get older.  It seems like yesterday was the first day of classes and we are down to the final two weeks and change of this semester.

If you don’t know already, you are reading the final edition of the Eagle Eye for the fall of 2016.  This was my first as Editor-in-Chief of the paper, and it certainly was a time-consuming, learning process as each week went on.

That being said, it is only proper to extend a public thank you to every member of the Eagle Eye staff for all of their hard work this semester.  

It wasn’t easy at first.  We began this year with almost an entirely brand-new staff.  We really only returned three editors from last year, including myself, so it was up in the air how this semester would go in August.

When we had our first meeting in September, I knew right off the bat that this semester could turn out to be nothing but positive for the Eagle Eye.  

First, I need to thank our Managing Editor and my best friend, Bret Pallotto.  There is no way the paper would have run this smoothly without all of your help.  You really went out of your way so much to help make the paper better.  I didn’t think it was possible to consider myself more lucky to have you as my friend, but I was proven wrong.

To every section editor: Amanda Thomas, Sophia Biddle, Kiersten Beecher, Analee Gentzel, Alex Wahl and Alex Sklar.  The effort you all put forth week-in and week-out was second-to-none.  You guys took time out of your lives for the Eagle Eye and did a tremendous job all semester.  There isn’t another group of people I’d rather spend my Wednesday nights with putting together a newspaper.

However, I must specifically point out Amanda, Kiersten, and Alex Wahl, who are graduating in the coming weeks.  After spending a ton of time with each of you, it is clear that nothing but success will follow you, wherever life takes you.

To our copy editor, John Sosnowski.  We didn’t make life easy on you by not having every article ready to be copy edited at the scheduled time each week, but you were patient and did one heck of a job as our copy editor.  Copy editors are one of the most integral parts of a newspaper, and the commitment you had each week was such a huge plus for the Eagle Eye.

To all of the staff writers of the newspaper, who are too many to name.  Like our section editors, you all took time out of your schedule to make our lives easier, while more importantly building clips for your resumes.  I am very grateful for all of you — for your happy attitudes, for showing up at meetings, for reporting, and for being awesome people.  

All of the staff writers were awesome with the section editors and for those who aren’t graduating, we can’t wait for the spring semester.

To our ads manager, Emily Garcia.  Thank you for putting together invoices for advertisements on a weekly basis.  There were times where some of us wanted to just break down this semester.  You provided such a great deal of help and support for the paper.  I am very thankful to have you on staff.

Lastly, to the Eagle Eye’s faculty advisor, Dr. Sharon Stringer of the Communication department.  You don’t need to stay with us until late on Wednesday nights, but you are always there.  You pushed us to be better every week, and I personally think we accomplished that feat.

While there were bumps in the road, as there always be, your assistance was always within close reach.  I feel very lucky that the Eagle Eye has an advisor who cares and wants to see a solid product put on the stands each week.  

The loyal readers of the Eagle Eye make us want to do a good job week after week.  We would not have incentive to do that if it weren’t for our readership.

I wish all Eagle Eye staff and all Lock Haven students best of luck the rest of the semester and with finals.  Have a happy holiday season!


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