Forbes editor to speak at Lock Haven

“John Tammy will speak to LHU students on the potential economic impact that will result from Donald Trump’s presidency”

By Ian Kidd
February 16, 2017

On Monday, February 20 Mr. John Tamny, Political Economy Editor for Forbes magazine will deliver a lecture on the economic impact of a Donald Trump presidency in PUB Room 2 on Monday, February 20 at 7:00 p.m. This is part of the lecture series Sociology’s Conversation on Issues.

The informational lecture from a nationally-recognized economic author is being sponsored by the Lock Haven University Sociology Department, LHU Young Americans for Liberty, and the LHU Sociology Club. Dr. Kim Johnson, associate professor of sociology, received a grant from the John Templeton Foundation and the Institute for Humane Studies which provided funding for the event.

Tamny will strive to provide answers for the complexities which face the American populous after the cantankerous 2016 general election, a proxy war of ideals between supporters of liberalized markets and unfettered trade versus those Americans who felt left behind by globalization, automation, and an expansion of the free market which resulted in the departure of thousands of jobs to countries overseas.

As well as addressing the good, the bad and the unknown of the immediate and long-term impact of a Donald Trump presidency on the economic situation of most Americans, a discussion on the deeper concept of majority rule and executive power will take place. Should one individual, regardless of party or ideology, possess so much influence and control over the entire population? With the memories of a bitterly contested election, largely believed to have been decided by a mere 100,000 votes in three strategic states including Pennsylvania, is the size of the federal government too large to effectively assuage all the divisiveness and ensure the opportunities of every American?

Whether an ardent supporter of the new president and his economic policies of restricting globalization and redefining economic trade agreements, or a fierce opponent of the decision to cancel U.S. involvement in new partnerships such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or are unsure where you sit in the discussion, the sociology department, Young Americans for Liberty and the Sociology Club encourage all Lock Haven students to seize the opportunity to engage with and learn from an informed source on the future of American economics.


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