The best ways to spend your snow-day

“Does the upcoming weather forecast call for snow?  Is there a chance school may be closed?  Here is all you need to know for those lovely snow-days.”

By Jayson Moyer
February 16, 2017

Living in Lock Haven, it seems as though you cannot go 48 straight hours without having some form of precipitation.  We have seen it so far since we’ve been back in January, with having both rain and snow.

The odds of having a day off from school because of rain are slim.  However, it did happen to me in high school once.  We did, though, already have one snow day already this semester.

So, I’m gonna give you some of the best ways to spend your snow-days.  I am hoping this article comes up clutch at some point during the next month, knock on wood.

1. Sleep

Last week, I woke up at 5 a.m. and saw that LHU was on a two hour delay.  I reset my alarm for 8:30 because my 8:00 class was pushed back to 10:00.  When I woke back up, I saw an email saying LHU was closed for the day.  Immediately, I went back to sleep and it was 1:00 before I knew it.

This isn’t the most productive way to spend a snow-day, but one could argue that it is the most enjoyable.  Why would I want to walk outside in the cold and snow?  Some people would.  I’d rather lay in my bed and watch sports or Netflix, which leads me into my next activity.

2. Netflix

Grab some form of beverage and a blanket, and get right back in your couch or bed and pop on Netflix.  Snow-days are excellent for catching up on Netflix.  For me, I rewatch “The Office” over and over again.  Every season.  Great show.

However, you could be more of a politics, sports or general news person.  The same requirements go for watching TV instead of Netflix.  Do not move from the couch.

3. Hang outside

This doesn’t particularly pertain to me.  Sometimes, I can’t stand the cold.  However, being outside on a snow-day is perfect for college students.  Head out and go sledding on the hill behind High and McEntire.  Throw some football.  Or, you can just sleep.

4. Video games

Playing some Xbox or Playstation is a simple alternative to watching Netflix or television.  It is awesome, actually, because you still do not have to leave your bed or couch.  I’m more of a 2K kind of guy, and I tend to be more productive on the side of video games.

5. Do some school work

Well, if the first four weren’t good enough and you can’t think of anything better to do, this might be a swell option to choose, especially if you are behind.  You basically have a free day to do whatever you please, so yes, I would encourage that you spend some of this time to get some work done.  I know; zero of the first four on this list would have led you to believe that I encourage doing school work instead of sleeping.  However, you may be surprised.



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