The Eagle Eye: Our favorite websites

“Last week we talked about our favorite apps. This week, we are going to go through our favorite websites.  From social media to games, we got you covered.”

By the Eagle Eye Staff
February 23, 2017

The Eagle Eye continues with our series where we put all of our minds together to come up with a list of our favorite items from various topics.

Here are our top five websites.  If there is a sort of disappointing feeling on your end because of our list, well, we are sorry.

1. The Ringer (

This is the famed Bill Simmons’ latest venture, and one that has turned out to be a reasonable decision.  After being fired from ESPN and at the time, losing control of his website, Grantland, Simmons created The Ringer.  This is an outstanding website where you can not only get quality sports insight, but also read about technology, pop culture, music and more.  I check this website multiple times daily.  -Jayson Moyer

2. ESPN (

ESPN is the world leader and has been the standard for sport reporting and news. On ESPN you can read any genre in sport. You can customize your ESPN homepage by selecting your favorite sports and/or favorite teams. One of the multiple features on the site which makes it the best out there. If you like sports and/or any team, ESPN is your choice.

-Alex Sklar

3. Rick Astley Remixer (

Rickrolling is an internet tradition unlike any other. Just an all-time classic that will never get old. This remixer allows you to control the drums, bass, harmony, melody and vocals. There are also seven different versions of the song that you can remix, whether it be Tex Mex or hip-hop. This isn’t the type of website that you’ll visit daily, but if you need a good laugh to get you through the day, this is your website. -Bret Pallotto

4. Dappered (

A few years ago, I would have named Rate Your Music ( as an answer to this query. The music world and that particular website are still dear to me, but I’ve had a late blooming fixation on personal style. Enter Dappered. This site breaks down the best sales and bargains in men’s clothing, shoes, watches and more. They also feature product reviews and practical dressing and lifestyle advice, and run the Dappered Threads message board for like-minded guys to compare notes.- John Sosnowski


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