Top 10 horror movies on Netflix

Gina Spinner

Guest Writer

March 30, 2017


It is dark out and your friends are coming over to watch a scary movie. You make popcorn and Google “top scary movies on Netflix.” I don’t know who made these lists, but they have bad taste. I like situations that keep you on the edge of your seat, plots that make you think and unexpected twists. So this is real “top 10 horror movies on Netflix” list that will have you up all night.

Hush—I think I have an irrationally big fear of home invasion, so this movie is terrifying to me. The main character, Maddie Young, is a deaf writer that lives alone in the woods. Some masked guy comes up to her house, steals her phone and constantly tries to kill her.

13 Cameras—This is another movie that will leave you paranoid. It is just as it sounds: the creepy landlord has hidden cameras all over their house. He watches them and even breaks into their house.

The Lazarus Effect—Researchers bring the dead back to life. Seems like a good idea, but the affected are now unpredictable.

Sinister—An author finds a box of home movies in his attic and becomes obsessed with them. They depict very strange events and then the abnormal starts happening with his own family.

Housebound—Kylie Bucknell is under house arrest cannot get away from her mother. She comes to realize that her mother’s suspicions of the haunted house may be more than what they seem.

Dead Silence—Jamie Ashen found his wife murdered, coincidentally right after a doll was delivered to their house. He digs deeper to discover a curse that could explain it all. It’s sort of predictable but still pretty good.  

The Awakening — Florence, a heartbroken woman, is known for unraveling hoaxes. We follow her to a haunted boarding school in England shortly after World War I when a little boy has been found dead. Even after her evidence and research, this place did not seem to be much of a hoax for her.

Haunter — This one plays with your mind a little bit. Olivia lives in a house with her family. Lisa Johnson, who died many years ago, has become alive again. The pair feel unsafe and find it is due to a dead serial killer, who is able to control the living.

The Invitation— A man politely accepts an invite to a simple dinner party at his ex-wife’s new home. He suspects that the two hosts have something a little more violent planned for their guests than just dinner. This movie kept me on the edge my seat.

It Follows—After a traumatic sexual encounter, a woman cannot shake the feeling that something is watching her and after her. It is pretty suspenseful and kind of tricky, I think.



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