Crucible now available

Derek Danneker

Opinions Editor

April 20, 2017


The new 2016-17 edition of The Crucible, a literary magazine written and edited by students, for students, has been released. The book, however, seems to be badly advertised know one knows where or how to find it.  

Even among people who should be aware of the publication are uninformed. Sarah Qubic, a sophomore and Athletic Training Major who works at the reference desk in Stevenson Library says, “I knew we had something like this but I didn’t know it was published” This year’s edition is called Facing Home, a title intended to reflect the diversity of origins.

There are 12 student staff writers, two editors and 13 artists whose works are showcased. Given the effort put forth by the students involved, there should be more of an initiative to spread the word. Sophia Biddle, a senior secondary education major as well as the Arts and Entertainment Editor of the Eagle Eye Newspaper says, “I don’t even know where to get it, which is a shame because I’m interested.”

Readers are given a preface and explanation of the title in this newly published book. Many of the stories and poems given had to do with identity and coming to terms with that identity. A book sharing such intimate and profound views should be more widely distributed. Its writers, the preface continues, are “showing glimpses of the formative spaces and people in their lives, these writers were demonstrating who they are, or hoping to become.”


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