Kent’s Fest to be held in late April

Angel McCabe

Guest Writer


People reached capacity in the East Campus Gym on April 22, 2016 to take part and watch the 15th Annual Kent’s Fest take place. With the music filled theme of “Dancing Through the Decades” children and adults danced and sang songs ranging from famous Broadway musicals to current hits like “Uptown Funk.” This year they are anticipating just as big of a turn out with the theme being based on “HOLLYWOOD!” On the last Friday in April everyone will perform songs based on top hits from famous musicians like Frank Sinatra and act out iconic movie/television scenes.  

Past year’s volunteer Amanda Conrad says, “Kent’s Fest is a wonderful event where people’s disabilities turn into abilities. To see so many people come together to help and have some fun is amazing. So much goes into this event every year and each time the committee goes above and beyond to enhance the kid’s experience from the years before. Changing people’s lives for the better.”

The event was accomplished with the help from volunteers and faculty supervisors Dr. Stout and Dr. Moore.

Current member of Council for Exceptional Children and previous volunteer Mikaela Masser says that, “Kent’s Fest is an amazing opportunity to showcase the talents of individuals with disabilities here in our community. I love being a part of this event because it gives me the chance to work as a member of a team and focus on celebrating ABILITIES.”


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