LHU’s new crosswalk costs a pretty penny

Ben Ronemus

Staff Writer


April 13, 2017

Lock Haven’s newest edition to Campus came in the form of a new brick crosswalk located on Fairview Street by the between the university commons and Ulmer. The majority of the construction was confined to over Spring Break because it would cause minimal interference with student and motorist traffic.

This was one of the final parts of the University Commons project, which created the open space with two new pavilions between Stevenson Library and Bentley Dining Hall, in the former location of Russell and Sullivan Halls. The purpose of the University Commons Project was to give Lock Haven University a traditional university quad and to improve pedestrian traffic in the area. Due to a wait for PennDOT’s approval to close a section of Fairview Street for construction, the rest of the University Commons Project occurred before the crosswalk could be installed. The crosswalk serves the important purpose of being a visible indication of pedestrian traffic on the street. This indicator should tell motorists on Fairview Street that they need to slow down in this area, which at times has a high volume of pedestrian traffic. The University Commons Project’s goal for improving the student pedestrian route is to guide pedestrians from the Commons to either across Glenn Road to Bentley or across Fairview Street to Ulmer. This will hopefully give order to the sometimes chaotic student traffic that occurs in the main area of campus between Bentley and the Stevenson Library.  The project took a total of nine days to complete; five days for the construction process and four days for the cement to harden and cure. According to Project Manager for Lock Haven University J. Leonard Meckley, Jr., the final cost of the project was about $30,000.

The next round of renovations to the University will be occurring over the summer when the student population is significantly lower than during the spring and fall semesters. This summer will include two main projects. The first is renovations to Price auditorium which will include moving some seats from Price into the Ulmer Planetarium along with basic maintenance and life safety improvements. The summer will also see improvements to pedestrian walkways between Bentley Dining Hall and Glennon along Glenn Road.



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