Lock Haven University takes financial hit

Analee Gentzel

Opinion Writing

Campus Issue

February 18, 2017

Lock Haven University has taken a big hit financially resulting in multiple cuts and money decisions including cutting sports teams, requiring students to live on campus through their junior year, and using only two trolleys instead of three. The one I want to highlight on is cutting out one of the trolleys leaving students with the local and one express.

The trolleys have always helped students get to their classes in the 15 minutes they have once their class ends. The local trolley makes multiple stops throughout the campus, campus circle, Bentley, North Hall, the SRC, Willis, and east campus, occasionally making the trip to downtown Lock Haven. That leaves students fighting and shoving to get on the express trolley which goes to east campus and back to the street circle only. Since cutting the second express trolley, students have been arriving to classes late and have been finding it quicker to walk rather than waiting for the trolley.

I find it especially unfair to those who are in wheelchairs or athletes who are injured and rely on the trolley to get them to their classes.

“It’s unacceptable that students can’t get to their classes on time and professors are blaming students for not leaving earlier from a previous class or choosing not to walk when it is 3 degrees out,” says junior environmental sciences and biology major, Jordan Roche.

As an example, to show how this is hurting students, calculations were done to see how much a student would be missing in total class time if they were late five minutes each class just because of the trolley. For a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday class that runs 55 minutes, a student who’s late five minutes each day is missing a total of 3 hours and 45 minutes which is equivalent to missing four classes. In most syllabi, there is an attendance policy that says if you miss more than three classes, the student drops a letter grade or in some cases fails the course.

Taking away the student’s transportation to get from point A to point B has done nothing but frustrate students and professors. I feel as if they should have opted to find something else to cut rather than something that negatively effects the students altogether.


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