New Jersey schools facing violent threats

Analee Gentzel

News Editor


Leave it to Jersey

Two New Jersey students, one male and one female, both from Eastside High School, were arrested on Wednesday for planning a “Sandy-Hook” style massacre at their former elementary school.

Both student’s homes were searched and no weapons were found according to officials in a statement. The threat was deemed valid and in the early stages.  

According to New Jersey’s Wayne Patch news, the attack was planned against New Roberto Clemente School. New Roberto Clemente School principal, Hector Montes said in a staff emergency meeting, “Like those that happened at Columbine High School in Colorado and Sandy Hook Elementary School, the students did their talking on websites about mimicking these attacks.”

Both students will face charges for terrorist threats.

According to Fox News this is the second known attack against schools in New Jersey. Last week a student had a “kill list” and threatened to gas bomb South Jersey School and another student had mentioned of having a “kill list” at Mainland Regional High School but nothing has been confirmed.


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