Sigma Kappa participates in Inherit the Earth

Bret Pallotto

Managing Editor

April 20, 2017


Sigma Kappa participated in a national service project called Inherit the Earth which is aimed at helping better the planet.

The event took place at Shaver’s Creek and members of the sorority helped maintain trails by removing dead leaves, cutting back brush, removing fallen trees, building bridges, and cleaning bridges. Pieces of the new bridges were carried approximately a quarter-mile by those in Sigma Kappa so that they could begin construction.

Brianna Coval, a psychology major, said that the purpose of the event was, “to help Shaver’s Creek maintain their trails for people to walk/hike on.”

Inherit the Earth is an event that members of Sigma Kappa take part in once a year, generally during the spring semester.

Shaver’s Creek is currently under construction as there are efforts to expand and improve the habitats for the wildlife.

“It is very peaceful there because you are in the middle of the woods surrounded by wildlife and nature,” Coval said.

Those that dedicated their time and effort to the project found those in charge of Shaver’s Creek to be very friendly and easy to work with. The ability to disconnect from day-to-day life provided a relaxing and memorable experience for Coval.

“My sisters enjoyed a break from society and cell phones,” she said. “It was a beautiful day and it was a great bonding experience for us as a sisterhood.”


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