Stressed? Plan a movie marathon

Katharine Grubb

Staff Writer

April 13, 2017


Everyone has a go-to film set that satisfies their movie marathon needs, but often college students think they don’t have enough time, or are unmotivated to dust off their DVDs and nestle down for some quality T.V. time. Here are ten ways to ensure a perfect movie marathon night.

  1. Homework

Make sure ALL your homework is done. Finish all projects and readings before you think about taking five to six hours out of your schedule for something as distracting as a movie marathon. It is almost impossible to finish homework when a film or T.V. show is playing in the background. Movie marathons require devotion and full attention, so if you’re stressing about a reading you didn’t do or a paper you need to write, then wait until you have genuine free time to pull out the popcorn.

  1. Find A Friend

Alone time is something we all definitely need, but this kind of marathon is meant to be shared. Invite a friend or two over for the evening. Encourage them to BYOM (bring your own movies), and, if it’s a weekend night, offer to make it a sleepover.

  1. Get Some Snacks

To create a “movie theater” experience, pop some popcorn, bake some cookies, and buy some candy and soda to create the ultimate junk food spread. For convenience, buy some cheap plastic or paper bags, so your friends can fill them with delicious goodies. This way, the mess is contained and they don’t have to keep going back and forth during the movie time.

Suggestions: Swedish fish, sour patch kids, and fun-sized snickers bars.

  1. Create the Environment

If your dorm or apartment is messy, you may want to tidy it up a bit before inviting anyone over. After that, gather as many blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags you can find to create a pillowed pile of comfort for your guests to lounge on during the movies.

  1. Pick Out the Movies

This is the most important part. Decide beforehand what movies you’d like to watch. Make sure you get your friends’ opinions. Check how long each movie runs so you’re not piling on an impossible amount of movie time in one night.

Suggestion: Harry Potter (may be a two-nighter)

  1. Games

“Every time Ron says ‘bloody hell’ take a shot!” Make up some fun games (non-alcoholic for you underage readers) to go along with the movies. This can be a silly challenge which could be made even more interesting with prizes involved. It’s an easy way to keep your friends entertained, because no one wants to be bored during a movie.

  1. Take Pictures

To commemorate the evening, take lots of selfies and photos so that people scrolling through Instagram or checking their Snapchat stories will be jealous of the awesome friend-time you’re cashing in on.

  1. Clean Up

All things good must eventually come to an end, but don’t let that keep you from cleaning up the many messes of movie night. Make sure that popcorn explosion in the corner of the room gets swept up, don’t try to leave it for another day. Whip out the vacuum and cleaning spray so that nothing sticky or crumby gets left behind for you to step on at three in the morning.

  1. Aftercare

This sounds like something straight from Fifty Shades of Grey, but really it’s just an easy way to say “take care of yourself!” After a long night of eating junk food and denying yourself the required amount of sleep, you’ll want to brush your teeth, drink some water, and collapse into bed. It’s important to not let the events of the night catch up with you. Make sure to rest up for the next day.

  1. Clean Up (Again!)

No doubt you half ignored Step 8 because of how exhausted you were, so after your deep and much needed sleep, be prepared to wake up to a mess you said “I’ll just clean it up in the morning!” to. This might involve folding blankets, putting away leftover food, and kicking a friend or two off the couch. Whatever it is, the avalanche that clearly tore through your dorm or apartment last night is testament to the amazing movie marathon you had.



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