Summer vacation options for the college student

Jayson Moyer


April 13, 2017


With summer fast approaching, I’m sure vacation and/or travel has been on a lot of your minds.  

I’m sure a lot of you go on vacation with your families, while some go with friends. We are going to talk about five different vacation spots that could make your summer a blast.

  1. The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is such an awesome place to spend a week with friends.  In general, I think it is fair to say the Outer Banks are a rather quiet area.  Houses aren’t jammed together and beaches aren’t overly crowded for the most part, compared to say, New Jersey.  With above average rental options at a reasonable price, this is a great spot to head out and relax.

  1. Las Vegas

So, I guess this one pertains to more of the 21 and older crowd, but it is still worth throwing in here. To go to Las Vegas for a few days or longer, you’d likely have to be willing to open up the checkbook.  Even when splitting with friends, food, beverage, and gambling costs can go through the roof.  However, there aren’t many places that are more enjoyable than Las Vegas, thus making it a solid getaway spot for a weekend.

  1. A Cruise

Here is another option that isn’t the most cost-efficient, but still one of the more entertaining experiences on this list.  The Bahamas and Caribbean are both cruise destination options, and include opportunities to visit places like Mexico, Belize, and more.  I’ve heard mixed reviews about cruises, but it is still definitely something I’d love to do one day.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

You have to appreciate the environmental aspect that comes with going to school at Lock Haven.  It is surrounded by tons of beautiful scenery and great places to explore.  This one is for those who love the outdoors.  While Yellowstone is practically on the other side of the country, it would make for an interesting roughly two week trip, especially if you love wildlife, too.

  1. Niagara Falls

While trying to keep this article centered around college students, Niagara Falls made the cut as a cost-effective (as compared to the other four) and shorter distance trip.  Niagara Falls is a great and beautiful place to spend a few days.  After you do everything you want to do, I thought it got kind of boring, for me.  So, that being said, a weekend trip would be a perfect length to Niagara Falls.


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