The Eagle Eye: Our favorite campus buildings

Eagle Eye Staff

April 06, 2017


The Eagle Eye continues with our series where we put all of our minds together to come up with a list of our favorite items from various topics.

This week, we are going to talk about our favorite building on campus. If there is a sort of disappointing feeling on your end because of our list, well, we are sorry.


  1. The PUB

Parsons Union Building was one of my least favorite places to be on the Lock Haven campus until August 2016 when I came back from summer break.  The renovations that were made to the PUB before this school year are remarkable.  When I walk through the PUB lobby now and see brand-new couches, paint, TV’s and a new information stand; it makes me feel like I am at a college.  Plus, I spend a ton of time down here for the newspaper, so this building is the most frequent building I visit on campus.

–Jayson Moyer


  1. Akeley Hall

Despite my ties to Stevenson Library, I’m answering this query based on aesthetics of the buildings themselves. I’ve noticed that the architecture on this campus seems to fall into three distinct eras. Akeley and Rogers Gymnasium are the last of the classics with ornate architectural flourish, now that Russell and Sullivan Halls are gone. The mid-century buildings like Raub and – yes – the library demonstrate midcentury brutalist architecture, whereas the newer red roofed structures like the Rec represent another design shift. Akeley not only has a handsome facade, but also an attractive interior highlighted by the chandelier.

— John Sosnowski


  1. Stevenson Library

What a solid, do-it-all place the library is. Research, printing, 3-D printing, DVD rentals, a computer lab, borrowing equipment and everyone’s favorite place to meet up for group projects. That’s not to mention the famous 24-hour section. I decided to show up at 5:00 in the morning to put the finishing touches on a group project of my own and fully expected to be the only one there. Nope. Not the case. There were about five or six other people doing the same thing. The camaraderie was something that I’ll never forget.

— Bret Pallotto


  1. Ulmer Hall

Ulmer Hall used to be more of the main science building on campus.  Ulmer was recently renovated in 2016, giving the building a face-lift, and making the building more modern.  The giant, 246 seat planetarium is still here and is still being utilized for classes but the rest of the building has been really switched over to a home for most services and admissions offices here on campus.  Which is why it’s one of my favorite buildings.  It now looks good and everything in the building is centralized and there for a purpose.  It is now way more convenient for students to utilize these offices and is appealing to all of the Lock Haven community.

— Alex Sklar


  1. Raub Hall

Have you ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome? As a political science major, I’ve spent a vast majority of time in Raub Hall and have come to like it. The computer lab is always quiet and the computer screens are much larger than many others on campus. The classrooms aren’t much but you know what to expect. There is a nice fountain with a cool breeze with some shady seating.

–Derek Danneker



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