Trump signs executive order regarding global warming

Analee Gentzel

News Editor

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order at the Environmental Protection Agency that would cease the United States government’s efforts to slow global warming. According to CBS news Donald Trump tweeted in November 2012, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” Three years later he tweeted again, “It’s really cold outside, they are calling it a major freeze, weeks ahead of normal. Man, we could use a big fat dose of global warming!”

Acting on this order will undo Obama’s Clean Power Plan which was passed in 2014. The plan restricted the amount of carbon of dioxide released from power plants. Trump hopes this order will create jobs and lower the cost of electricity.

“We’re going to have safety, we’re going to have clean water, we’re going to have clean air, but so many regulations are unnecessary, so many are job-killing,” said Trump during a public news announcement. He continued to claim that he is going to replace Obama’s plan with another that is “pro-jobs” and “pro-environment.”

Environmentalists on the other hand are against this act saying this will destroy more than a decade’s worth of progress in fighting climate change and not create the jobs Trump is thinking it will.

David Doniger, director of the climate and clean air programme at the Natural Resources Defense Council said, “Trump’s trying to undo more than a decade of progress in fighting climate change and protecting public health.”

It is unclear yet, whether Trump is going to back out of the 2015 Paris agreement. Within this agreement, nearly every country commits to reducing climate warming agents.

Senior Environmental Biology major Mariah Kachmar of Lock Haven University said, “Global warming is a real thing end of story. Previous research shows 2016 was the warmest year compared to past years and by cutting off Obama’s plan to reduce the pollutants released into our Earth, the air will become thicker and more dangerous for us to breathe.”


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