Watch for speed traps

Derek Danneker

Opinions Editor

April 06, 2017


The Lock Haven Police have, from time to time, taken to placing speed traps at the entrance of the University. Now, it is completely understandable that university students should observe the rules of the road and drive safely within their means. However – and, perhaps its only me – but placing speed traps in an area which is directly targeting college students seems insidious. Specifically, this is during the morning hours when it’s most common that a college student will be late for class.

We should also partition the student body into those who are disproportionately affected by speed trap targeting: commuting students who live close enough – between 15 minutes to 1 hour away, typically – to school that it would be cheaper to drive than live on campus. I think that if most were given the choice, free of cost, that they would prefer to live on campus for the benefits that it entails, namely social networking, independence and ease of travel to class. Given that, I think it would be safe to say that the most financially stressed are those who commute.  

So then, not only is the Lock Haven Police targeting university students by placing speed traps with underhanded tactics but are targeting some of whom, I think, could be classified as some of the most financially struggling students. Logically, many of these students will not be able to pay their speeding tickets or the payment of will add to their increasing amount of stress. These issues are also compounded when the increasing cost of tuition is factored into the equation.

The solution then, is that the Lock Haven Police should move their speed traps to further into the city where university students would not be unfairly targeted and the normal citizens of Lock Haven could also help to shoulder the burden of speeding tickets. However, the odds of enforcing change within the police department to place speed traps elsewhere are undoubtedly slim. In the interim, watch for speed traps.


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