Current LHU Student & former student at school of the Florida Shooting Speaks Out

Mark Matthews

Staff Writer

Every year on Feb. 14th, we celebrate our love with each other through Valentine’s Day. Sadly, in this year’s edition of the celebration, our country was informed with the news of the mass shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School at Parkland, Florida, which took the innocent lives of 17 people.

Jonathan Buytenhuys, a junior business major at Lock Haven University actually attended this high school his freshman & sophomore year until transferring to a Pennsylvania high school to complete his high school career. Buytenhuys found out about the shooting about two hours after it took place. “It was a shock,” Buytenhuys said, “I was in class when my teacher pulled it up on the screen and was talking about it.” After being asked if he was emotional about it all, he responded, “It was very emotional, it was my old school. I knew some of the people.” He also mentioned, “What if I was born a few years later?”

There have also been plenty of arguments about whether gun laws should be looked at more carefully. Buytenhuys says, “We are not trying to take away your right to bear arms (referring to the 2nd Amendment), because that is your right. It is so easy to get yourself a military weapon.” With another solid point, Jonathan points out, “What’s more important, the right to bear arms or the right to live?” Furthermore, Buytenhuys recommends, “If you want a gun, you will need to have a test to see if something’s mentally wrong with you and a background check if you had any criminal history.”

Buytenhuys will be attending the “March for the Lives” event on March 24 in Washington D.C. to promote that our lives matter and safety should be our priority. Buytenhuys said, “I plan on marching from 8 am to 8 pm”


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