Eagle Eye Staff: Spring Break plans

Eagle Eye Staff


We all know how it is. The first week of the semester comes, but its chillibus week. Who does work then? Next comes week two, and you’re still not feeling it. But hey, third week is the charm but that passes faster than the first two. Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, all pass the same, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Spring break.

It’s still more than a week away, but here at the Eagle Eye we are already looking forward to, and planning for, spring break. This week, we’re listing our favorite ways we’d like to spend spring break:

  1. Reading

If you love books as much as I do, they pile up. I mean big piles. If they fall, I may not make it out alive. They need dispensed with immediately, and the best time to do it is during spring break. I like to post up on my porch with a glass of lemonade, listen to the wind rustle the trees and lose myself in a book.   

-Derek Danneker, Editor-in-Chief

  1.    Tropical travels

If I had the money, I’d be spending my spring break with a group of my girlfriends at a tropical beach. I’d spend my days with my toes in the sand and a fancy drink in my hand. I wouldn’t worry at all about school work or my job, I’d just be taking in the sunshine. Since the money is not present for me to live out these dreams, I will be catching up on my rest and spending quality time with my family.

-Courtney Quiggle, Design/Advertising Manager

  1.   Hanging with friends

I will take the two hour trip back east to the edge of the Coal Region, where my high school friends and I would be performing the same antics we have been for years. It will likely be a week of seeing movies, hiking, running, and hanging out all night. If we aren’t out on some trail on some cold night, we like to gather around the TV binge watching some hilarious show all night.

-Ben Ronemus, News Editor

  1. Going to New York

I will be spending my spring break with a couple friends in New York City, catching the subway to explore the city that never sleeps. I plan on going to my favorite coffee shops and spending my money at carefully curated New York thrift shops. My favorite place is Dumbo, Brooklyn which features all of the best artwork and ethnic food spots.

– Evannah Phan, Arts & Entertainment Editor

  1. Traveling to Florida

I will be spending my spring break in Florida with my best friend. We’ve been planning this trip for sometime now and I’m really excited that i’m going to get out and travel.  I plan on doing a lot of shopping while i’m there and trying different foods to get a taste of the culture. I’m also going to visit a friend of ours that lives there, we haven’t seen her since high school.

-Kiara Tinnin, Lifestyles Editor


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