LHU Dining Hours

Mark Matthews

Staff Writer


It is a new semester at Lock Haven University and the LHU dining food dining services updated their hours in business and their food options. There are pros and cons to the dining hall service changes.

One the major changes that occurred are the closing of Lower Bentley on the weekends. Starting this semester, only Upper Bentley is open, making it the only option to dine at on Saturdays and Sundays. For a traditional college student, the loss of Lower Bentley on the weekends isn’t a major blow but for athletes, this change affects them greatly. For example, if a sports team have a competition on a Saturday and don’t get back until 8 P.M. they will have no where to eat, considering Upper Bentley closes at 7 P.M. Before this change, Lower Bentley on the other hand was typically open until 9 P.M. on Saturday (Chick-Fil-A) and 10 P.M on Sunday (Eagle Rock).

Lower Bentley did add some features that are benefiting the students. They added a variety of breakfast meal deals as an option for students. For example, one of the deals are a breakfast sandwich with any meat, egg, cheese on a muffin with a hash brown and an orange juice drink or milk for one meal swipe. Before this offer, only the breakfast sandwich itself was a meal swipe for students.

Nanobites at East Campus is always a great option for students as well. Having a dining service at a place other than Bentley allows students to not have to travel from East Campus to Bentley to have a meal. Instead, they can dine out at Nanobites right after their class in East Campus.

Upper Bentley made changes to the food they are serving as well. Effective as of the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester, there is a taco/burrito/quesadilla section of Upper Bentley that allows students the option to eat Mexican food at a daily basis. Before this new feature, Mexican food was not served every day at Upper Bentley.

Upper Bentley does not serve breakfast meals anymore for the college students. Brunch, however, is available on the weekends starting at 10 P.M. in Upper Bentley.

The buffet style at Upper Bentley is one of the most significant features of the dining services. The variety of the food that is served is unbeaten. Every time a student swipes in, it is always unexpected what is next to being served that day. The best part of the Upper Bentley dining hall is all of the ice cream options. There are endless options a student can choose from.

Upper Bentley is also an entertaining environment to be around. Often times, musicians and bands visit LHU to sing and play their instruments around the students while they are eating. One of the musicians that visited the last spring semester allowed students to play on his electric guitar in front of the whole dining hall.

Despite the dining hall hour changes, it does not take away from the service the eating places offer.

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