Bentley dessert hack

Cassandra Keller
Managing Editor

If you’ve ever been to upper Bentley, you know that the food isn’t always the best that it
can be, but there are a few things you can try to make your desserts just a little bit better.
Here’s a list of Bentley dessert hacks:
1) Ice cream floats- It might not seem like it, but you can get ice cream floats if you
order your ice cream the right way. Just take a cup up to the ice cream counter, order
one scoop of vanilla ice cream or any kind of ice cream you want and then fill it will
any kind of soda you want from the soda fountain.
2) Apple pie sundae- Upper Bentley has a microwave that students can use. You can
warm up an apple pie when they have them available and then get a scoop of ice
cream on the side.
3) Toasted PB&J- There is a toaster near the waffle maker. There you can get bread and
make toast however you want. Then you put peanut butter and jelly on it to make a
health dessert.
4) Ice cream cookies- When there are cookies, you can make them even better when you warm them up and put a scoop of your favorite ice between two of them. You can even top this ice cream treat with sprinkles and chocolate syrup.

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