Superbowl Halftime Performance

Kiara Carson

Managing Editor

The 54th Superbowl was featured this past Sunday, February 2nd, and had Shakira and Jennifer Lopez grace the stage for the halftime show. Let’s just say they did an excellent job and really brought the house down with their amazing singing and dancing, beautiful outfits, and great representation of Latin pride. The music was varied from old hits produced by both women, as they’ve been in the music industry for over two decades, and they even played music from other artists. The dancing incorporated a lot of Latin styles like merengue and salsa while Shakira showed us some traditional Colombian moves as well. They even invited Colombian rapper J Balvin and Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny to perform with the ladies to exhibit a fabulous display of Latin love and excellence.

Not only that, but they also used their platform to discuss some of the issues in today’s society that America and our current president overlook on a daily basis. For example, when Lopez decided to walk out wearing the reversible flag which featured both American and Puerto Rican flags, it was a statement saying, “Puerto Rico is still a part of the United States and to not forget about it”. As many know, the island was recently hit with a series of earthquakes and was issued a tsunami warning that might wipe them out entirely yet no one from the United States decided to step up and help. Puerto Rico has been a U.S. territory for over a century now, but it never receives help from the country that acquired it all those years ago. Inhabitants keep losing their homes and land over natural disasters, but the biggest disaster is that they’re also being ignored and left for dead.

What the halftime show also exhibited was a scene where children dancers were sitting on the stage in little cages to represent the issues of immigration. It’s to remind people that this is what’s happening to children who get taken away from their parents who are deported out of the country for being “illegal”. It’s supposed to shock people back to reality and hopefully stand up in order to help those who really need it. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people on social media who responded negatively to the show making oversexualized remarks about what the ladies were wearing and racially fueled comments about the Puerto Rican flag and Spanish music. However, a lot more people decided to respond back to those people and educate them about all the ignorant things they were saying. This shows that the show had a powerful impact amongst others who can appreciate different cultures and knows the truth about what’s actually important to talk about when addressing the halftime show. All in all, the show was executed beautifully and showed that some things are more important than football.



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