5 things to avoid on a date

Kiara Carson

Managing Editor


Valentine’s Day is the day that’s supposed to be about love and romancing that one special person in your life that makes your heart beat so fast it could burst! Unfortunately, not everyone has the same experience because most people aren’t even into the whole idea of love or know anything about being romantic.

These people are usually the ones you want to avoid going on a date with, but if you do happen to get duped by one of these people in your life then don’t worry because you’re not the only one.

In fact, I’ve been on so many horrible dates that I’ve now become really perceptive about what aspects of your date can lead to a terrible ending instead of a loving one. Here are 5 things that can potentially ruin your whole dating experience:

  1. The location- this is a very important aspect of dating because certain places can make it very difficult to get to know or even talk to your potential partner.

For example, the movies are a cute idea, but there’s no time for conversation unless your date has something else planned afterwards like a nice dinner.

Then they’re really on the right track! Other locations to avoid, especially for a first date, are the mall, their home, and the gym/exercise class.

  1. No gifts- they’re not really required for every date, but on a day like Valentine’s day its more than likely expected to receive something cute to be buttered up in a way.

But if your valentine doesn’t have anything to give you on this special day then your motivation to keep the date going in a positive light might be diminished.

Fellas, when in doubt buy her fresh flowers or even a cute stuffed animal just to make her feel a bit uplifted otherwise you might get a cranky pants instead.

  1. Bad connection- no one ever wants to go on a date with someone who doesn’t really speak to them in a spiritual, emotional, intellectual, or sexual way, but it may very well happen.

We have so many dating apps these days that people can just go on there and say whatever you want them to in order to score a chance with you.

Then, you end up with someone that definitely has nothing in common with you in which you can easily respond by politely ending the date, clearly letting them know that you’ll never see them again.


  1. Terrible manners- this should be a huge deal when out on a date especially if it’s the first one you’ve ever been on with this person.

Let’s just say that being rude, having a nasty attitude, being selfish, proving to be something you’re not, and lying in general will get you a one-way ticket to the doghouse.


  1. An audience- you know that saying “two’s a company and three’s a crowd”? Well, its true!

Especially when it’s Valentine’s day and you want a little alone time with that beautiful person in your life, but you can’t because maybe roommates, friends, or even family members are running around being in your business and ruining the mood.

Which further backs up my previous point to not have your dates in a home you share with others unless you know for sure it’s going to be empty and if it is then you might get even more brownie points!


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