Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Tess English

Online Manager

 There is one big question on people’s minds at the beginning of February: what do I get my significant other for Valentine’s Day? Couples that have been together for a while may have already run through the standard teddy bear, chocolates and are looking for something outside of the box to get their partner. New couples may want to avoid getting something cheesy or cliched but not knowing what to do in place of the traditional gifts of the holiday.  Here a few ideas if you are lacking creativity.

Jar of compliments. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Get a mason jar filled up with little pieces of paper with compliments for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Whenever they are having a bad day or really miss you then they can pull out a compliment or a reason you love them. It is a simple and cost-effective gift with a lot of sentimental value.

Keychains. There are plenty of key chains out on the market with a romantic little inscription on them to give to your partner.  Amazon, for instance, has a wide selection of these. There one’s that say “drive home safe I need you here with me” or  “I love you with every pizza my heart” with a little pizza charm attached. There also many of his and her key chain sets available. 

Write him or her a book. This may sound like an off the chart idea, but it is more attainable then some might think. provides a templet for a book about your relationship with your partner. First, you create your charters to resemble you, pick a book cover, and write the pages of your love story. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel like a writer there are prepared pages with lots of good ideas you can add to your story.   

Cord Organizer. Perhaps not as romantic as the typical Valentine’s Day gift, but not everyone is sappy on the holidays. A cord organizer is a practical gift for day to day use. It can carry a phone charger, computer charger, headphones, and perhaps a few more things depending on what size organizer you get. Leave a little note inside to add a cuter effect.

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