Fashionology 101 with Dayna Bloch

Don’t let your wardrobe fall short

April 18, 2013

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This season couldn’t have come soon enough, but now that it has we can pack away our heavy sweaters and jackets and break out the fun stuff. Now that we have all been hit hard with spring fever it’s time to get out of the lazy mood that comes along with winter and put some much needed effort into our wardrobe choices.

Spring is all about flirty dresses, bright colors, new sandals, and of course shorts. Whether you’ve been waiting all winter to show off your muscle-toned legs or you just want to forget all about wearing long pants, spring gives us the chance to experiment with different styles that were off limits to the cold winter weather.

Shorts are a must-have for everyone as the warm weather comes around. With all the variety we have it is easy to see how shorts are one of the easiest things to bring into our spring wardrobes.

Give your look some edge by bringing black leather shorts into your closet. Pair the shorts with a neutral loose knitted sweater or cardigan. If it seems too hot for knits, grab a sheer patterned top and a black camisole for underneath.

Bring the leather into a professional setting by adding a boat-neck top and a fitted blazer. If you’re working with mostly neutrals, add a colored belt or statement jewelry for a splash of fun in your work inspired outfit.

A classic summer piece, denim shorts are a must have when the warm weather comes around. One of the easiest ways to work with this trend is to fit it in a casual setting. A loose cotton tee, brown belt and flip flops seem to be the perfect match to a pair of denim shorts.

Go up a step from the laid-back look of jean shorts with white denim, a dark top and bright colored cardigan. Add a pair of embellished sandals or animal print flats to add a bit of fun print to a simple outfit.

High-waisted shorts are all the rage right now, whether it’s done in denim, leather, or cotton, these shorts are an old fad that seem to be making a comeback.

This trend is often more fitted around the waist, so a loose shirt will balance out the tight material of the shorts while still showing off the high-waist. Match the shorts with a wide striped flowy shirt and a long necklace; if the occasion calls for it, add a pair of pumps to dress up the playfulness of the outfit.

These shorts are also the perfect opportunity to wear a crop-top without looking as if you’re ready to hit the club. Find a cute floral print bandeau or an edgy cut off tank to wear with high-waisted denim or leather.

Even though it’s officially spring time we sometimes find the weather colder than expected. Add a pair of colored tights to your spring outfit if you find it a bit too chilly for shorts. Black, deep purple, or even yellow tights can be brought into an outfit and can be an easy way to spice up a monotone look.

When the sun comes out, one of the first things we grab for are our favorite shorts. Get over the laziness we face in the morning and put yourself to work in experimenting with the different clothing options we are given each spring morning.


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