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Jive with Josie

Got a question, need an answer or just plain nosy? Then send your questions in and jive with Josie. She’s here to help with all your life’s dilemmas, so drop her an e-mail at jivewithjosie@yahoo.com. It’s completely anonymous, so spill your guts and get some advice.

Dear Josie,

I am currently in a long-term relationship with my girlfriend. But at the place I work, there is a girl that has been flirting with me pretty hard. It started as a giggle here and there and but has escalated into touching, and rather graphic flirtation. I don’t want to do anything with her, and I certainly don’t want to lead her on. But I really like feeling liked. So what should I do?


More Emo than Not

Dear Emo,

I feel as if this is a completely normal and probably a common situation. In a long term relationship you have been with the person for a while so you are familiar with their ways and their flirting and it just kind of seems routine. It’s called being bored. The person at work sadly is being lead on by your by having you reciprocate the actions she is doing. If you know that you do not want anything to come of this, then end it immediately and clarify to her that you are not interested in her. The only way to fix this situation is to end it.

❤ Josie

Dear Josie,

One of my professors is what could best be described as “hot”. We get along really well, and I’m pretty sure there is a mutual attraction. Is it wrong of me to make the first move? or should I wait it out?


Cougar Hunter

Dear Hunter,

Until you graduate you need to wait. I know that this is not a high school age difference type of a problem, but teachers are not allowed to date students until after they graduate. Having a teacher dating a student at any time before graduation will cause plenty of conflict that could end with the teacher losing his or her job. If you are serious about starting a relationship with this professor make sure that the feelings are definitely reciprocated. Are you positive that this professor is as interested in you, or are you dreaming in lala land about it. If you do end up going for it and hunting, I advise simply just waiting until you are graduated. Be friends till then.

❤ Josie

Dear Josie,

I’m starting to get strange sexual urges towards proclivities that I have never leaned to. I’ve been exploring them on my own, but I feel that it would be far better to explore them with my boyfriend. But I am afraid that if I talk to him about it he’ll think I’m weird or a freak and then he’ll break up with me.


Horny and Hoping

Dear Hoping,

Everyone has their different turn ons and different ways to enjoy themselves. A man, as far as I have experienced, has never been one to walk away or break up with someone because they don’t want to “help”. I’m sure if you explained to your boyfriend that everything he is doing is fine (assuming it is) and that you just want to “spice it up a bit” then I’m sure he’s willing to help however he can. You never know, maybe he’s been wanting to experiment as well but has had the same worries. Good luck!

❤ Josie


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  1. This is my favorite part of the paper- aside from the police blotter 🙂

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