Lock Haven hosts its annual Majors/Minors fair

By Andrew Gendreau in News

September 22, 2011


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Lock Haven University hosted its annual major’s fair for the undecided students in Roger’s gym from 6pm to 8pm. Every department had one professor and at least one upper level student from each respective department present.

The fair attracted a sizable crowd of people there either to pick a major or are considering changing majors or picking up a second major or minor.

The Computer Science department’s upper classman brought his laptop and used the 3D graphics program Blender to show off some of the department’s work such as a bowling game and several small animation movies.

The Sociology and Social work departments each had their own displays including a multicolored cloth in addition to their cardboard standings.

The performing arts department also advertised the new dance minor that was added last year to their department in addition to their own Theatre major and minor.

Every table had its own small crowd. The business major’s table seemed to attract a larger crowd of people.

The fair accomplished what it was set out to do by giving the undecided students something to think about and hopefully guide them toward making a decision whether it is picking a minor or major or changing their major.

All photos courtesy of Andrew Gendreau


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