Musician utilizes technology to succeed

By Jodie Roush
Staff Reporter

February 14, 2013

LHU students rarely hear about their classmates and alumni achieving fame, but one student came a step closer by having his music featured on a movie soundtrack.

Above: Musician Vincent Young made his soundtrack debut with the independent film ‘Noobz’

Above: Musician Vincent Young made his soundtrack debut with the independent film ‘Noobz’

Vincent Young, who uses ‘Soullone’ as a pseudonym, is a sophomore double majoring in music and marketing.

In his free time, he deejays for WLHUP radio club and performs in local clubs like the Fallon. Recently, two of his songs were chosen to be on the soundtrack of ‘Noobz’, a video game comedy featuring actors like Jason Mewes and Jesse Heiman.

“It’s like the Pineapple Express for video games. It takes all the stuff that audiences know about gaming and makes it funny,” said Young, who prefers playing on classic game systems such as Atari and Playstation but still enjoys playing modern games like ‘Madden.’

Prior to the film’s January 25 release to DVD, Young did four months of promotion for the movie and has seen it twice.

“I didn’t really get to enjoy it until the second time I saw it. The first time, I was holding my breath because I was worried about how the audience enjoyed it,” Young said. “The trailer for it was great, and it did a good job of drawing people in, but you can’t tell how good a movie is going to be from the trailer alone.”

Though Young has been dabbling in the music industry for several years, his songs were chosen for ‘Noobz’ through The website allows independent musicians and producers to submit their pieces to competitions and bigger companies. As a result, three of his compositions were chosen for the soundtrack.

“After I found out my music was selected, I got together with everybody that had helped me with the music,” said Young, “and we just celebrated everything we’d achieved.”

During his time at Lock Haven, Young says that the professors helped him develop, especially professors David Curtin and Sharon Stringer, who have encouraged him in different ways to pursue his goals.

Young wants to take his accomplishments and build on them, hoping to be able to work on video game scores and other soundtracks.

“Once you have a project or two under your belt, it becomes much easier,” Young said.

He also wants to tour nationwide and help musicians have the same opportunities that he has. In the meantime, Young continues to deejay and work on other projects that showcase his skills.

Jodie Roush is a sophomore majoring in communication and can be contacted at


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