Students investigate Vemma business venture

By Adam Williams
Guest Writer

September 27, 2012

Senior Mark Manno and sophomore Chris Frederick are starting a revolution at Lock Haven University by participating within the Vemma company, marketing the healthy energy drink Verve.

Vemma is a health company that produces chemical free energy drinks, weight loss supplements, and other products to ensure a better quality of living for consumers.  Their selling style is unique and branded as “social network marketing,” where those who sign up to be brand partners can help others from around the world to join them and continue to spread the word about Vemma.  The more people you get involved as customers or brand partners helps you and everyone you get involved earn more revenue.

The company has been featured on the Dr. Oz show and the Verve healthy energy drink is the official nutritional supplement of the NBA franchise, the Phoenix Suns.  To those thinking that this is a get-rich-quick scam, Vemma is rated as an “A+” on the BBB; the Better Business Bureau.

Manno got involved with the company two months ago and signed up along with his best friend who is also participating.  By helping his friends and theirs join his Vemma team, he earned over $5,000 in his first two months, earning a Diamond level within the organization, and becoming qualified for his free BMW or Mercedes.

Frederick was recruited by Manno a month before the school year started.  Frederick is seeing immediate success as the Lock Haven University Team Leader.  He has recruited numerous students, including athletes.  The product is providing dividends for those involved.

“It’s a healthy energy drink,” Frederick states.  “People want something healthy.  People want to drink it while they’re working out; it makes you feel better.  It makes you feel relieved and gets rid of some stress.”

The Vemma company is rapidly expanding due to the social network marketing, and these two students are attempting to make their mark throughout the Northeastern United States.  They are not willing to stop here at Lock Haven; they are looking to expand even further.

Frederick adds, “Why not be your own boss, make money, and have fun at the same time?”

To learn more about Vemma and the Verve energy drink, and how to make some extra income, contact Manno at and Frederick at


13 thoughts on “Students investigate Vemma business venture

  1. Chris vachon says:

    This is the best -gift- we’ve given our daughter while at school. It
    teaches students the one thing junior school never taught them….who to manage a business and How to encourage their friends to do more!

  2. jeremy says:

    Chris, does it teach your daughter “who” to misspell words while sockpuppeting your scam my business model on college news blog sites as well?

  3. Taylor says:

    Where did you get the claim that verve is an “A+” rating by the BBB? I assume you made it up, as this is untrue. Wonder what else is made up here…

    • KRK says:

      I just looked on the Better Business bureau website and it says that Verve has not sought out accredidation. Therefore it has absolutely no grade. And I wonder why they haven’t wanted to get this stamp of approval for real if the company is supposedly so great? Could it be that there is a different grade that they would be expecting because other sources suggest that Verve is tiptoeing around the pyrimid which is illegal… “But the word thrown around most in the Vemma conspiracy theory is “pyramid.” The Federal Trade Commission defines pyramid schemes as illegal business plans where people are paid “based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them.”” (NCCNewsOnline 2012 “New Energy Drink Draws in Student.)

      This student newspaper is full of false information. Hmm…wonder what their motive is? What are the chances the authors are “brand parnters?”

      • KCW says:

        hiii KRK i looked it up and verve is NOT the company VEMMA is the company type that in and you’ll get that A+ rating they were talking about.

  4. billy says:

    ^Vemma has not yet renewed their rating this year but do you research for the past seven years Vemma has had an A+

  5. Your Vemma Life says:

    Vemma is similar to most of these types of businesses. Many people fail because they expect to make lots of money fast, and it simply doesn’t happen by itself. If you put in the work you can be profitable and even financially supported by Vemma exclusively, but it does require you to work. To me it’s more of a long term project than an instant cashout, and that seems to be the best approach to any network type of marketing with tiers / etc.

  6. Gergana Hoon says:

    During the time that I was introduced to Vemma my brother’s physical therapist introduced us to another product called Limu. Initially both of them seemed very similar as far as the type of products they had and compensation plan. Both companies sounded pretty wonderful but as I kept digging deeper I found out that the key ingredient in Limu Fucoidan is backed by over 1100 third party independent researches on the United States Library of medicine’s website, while the mangosteem in Vemma has small fraction of researches done. Another thing that I found is that Vemma is a company strictly attracting the younger people and they fish for them with their compensation plan. After couple of people that I know signed up with Vemma I found out the other thing- the compensation plan it is not as beautiful as it sounds. So I made my choice to go with Limu. I was amazed when I got to meet one of the kids in our Limu team, which tried Vemma and it did nothing for him as far as his health goes. He did not want anything to do with Limu as well because the type of products seemed so similar and the bad experience that he had with Vemma. Luckily his mom literally made him drink it. Once he saw the changes that he was getting with Limu he is now one of the most passionate people in our team. Limu is designed for all age groups and is so much more compassionate than Vemma. There is no focus only on the money but truly helping people physically and financially. We are having two more people that have switched and are now enjoying not only the money but truly feeling better physically as well. Things that they did not quite get with Vemma. I had to share this since my family was exposed to both companies literally at the same time. As one of the many skeptic people on this planet I had to really make a choice about what I wanted to do and I think I made the better choice of two. It is great thing when you see college kids being determined to do better in their life and I truly wish all the best to come up on them.

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