Students receive faster refunds through Higher One Haven Card

By Jennifer Cronover in News
September 15, 2011


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LockHavenUniversityhas partnered with Higher One, a higher education financial services company, to bring LHU students a new method of receiving financial aid refunds.

The new method of receiving refunds via the new Haven Card Debit MasterCard system will give the students their money the fastest way possible- the same day LHU’s student financial services office releases it.

Students received an email back in August, telling them their HavenCards were mailed to their permanent addresses that are on file at the university. Even if students were not expecting a refund, they were highly encouraged to activate their cards since they may be eligble for a refund in the future.

When activating their HavenCard debit cards at, students have three options for receiving their financial aid and refund checks:

–          The Easy Refund (SM) deposit to the One Account, a no monthly fee checking account. When students choose this account, they can have their money the same day it’s disbursed by the school.

–          Refunds to another account (ACH). When students choose this option, their money will be available 2 to 3 days after it has been disbursed.

–          Receiving a paper check via mail or pick up at the financial aid office. Refunds are available to students 5 to 7 days after disbursements.

Higher One uses OneAccount, a fully functioning FDIC Insured checking account.  With no minimum balance and no monthly fees, this account allows students to access their money quickly.  There is a new Higher One ATM where students can withdraw cash without a fee.  It is located in the 24-hour study area of Stevenson Library.

Students should notice that the Haven Card is not a credit card and there is a fee to replace lost credit cards.

If your card was misplaced, sent to the wrong address, or you have further questions, visit www. or contact LHU Student Financial Services.


One thought on “Students receive faster refunds through Higher One Haven Card

  1. LHU Student says:

    This is a totally biased article. Propaganda for the school. every time you go to an ATM not in the Stevenson library you will be charged $2.50 from higher one and whatever the fee is from the ATM you are using. Anytime you have to punch in your PIN for a debit transaction another .50 is taken. The card is worth less and the only one making out on this is the University.
    Way to look out for the students LHU

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