The man behind the Sports Section: A Thank You to Doug Spatafore

By Adam Williams in Sports

May 3, 2012


Adam Williams/Eagle Eye

When one opens up the Eagle Eye’s Sports Section, they would assume to see Alex’s or my name or other writer’s names plastered throughout.  Instead, the publication relies heavily on the universities Sports Information Director, Doug Spatafore.

Spatafore was a student here from the years 2002 to 2006 and graduated with a degree in communication media.  He came here on a track and field as well as a cross country scholarship and ran under Head Coach Aaron Russell.

He became involved very early on in his collegiate career by joining the Eagle Eye as a writer and working under then Associate Athletic Director, Danielle Barney for the Sports Information Department.

As he recalls, the Eagle Eye was a much different publication.

“It was tough, it was tough to do because it was so competitive when I was here,” he says.  “I had to interview for my first position with the Eagle Eye as a freshman to cover wrestling.”

Spatafore mentions how he had to come in with a resume and go through the whole interview process.

He became the Sports Editor in his senior year.  He remembered how many writers were willing and able to support not only the Sports section, but the whole publication as well.

As for his current role with the university, the man does not stop as it is a year round job.

When the schedules are announced for each team, Spatafore is the first man on the job, posting press releases up on his newly designed website,, a revamped athletic site for all Bald Eagle athletics.

With 18 sports to cover and countless other events, there is rarely any time to relax throughout the year.

“From 1,500 to 2,000 events a year we cover,” he says after mulling the question over for a few moments.

“I enjoy covering all of the sports, but anyone who knows me knows that I’m still incredibly competitive and I enjoy watching us win.”

Unfortunately, Spatafore has not seen the football team win since the year after he graduated, and being a big football fan, deep down hurts him.

Throughout the years, he has had the teams and sports he’s secretly rooted for more than others, but this job has opened his mind and heart to the other squads on campus.

“I never really watched a lot of softball until I came here and we’ve been incredibly good at it.  I’ve seen two national championships, I’ve seen maybe  one of the best Division II athletes of all time in Kristen Erb when she was pitching.”

“I really do appreciate them all and I have grown to like wrestling more,” Spatafore also mentions.

Besides all of the success the university achieves through the athletic accomplishments, the student’s success is what matters more to Spatafore and win or lose, as long as the athletes are succeeding in the classrooms, he could not be more thrilled.

A huge part of Spatafore’s job along with writing press releases for the website is being able to travel and cover the teams while on the road.  Highlighting some of these trips were the National Title runs for softball, the PSAC and National tournament games for Lacrosse and countless others that add to a list of memorable events he has covered and had the privilege to cover.

“It’s a laundry list of all the cool things I’ve seen here.”

Being close to the athletes and the coaches, all cannot be serious all of the time.

“I love seeing how the athletes take to Twitter and the other social media and how they get engaged,” he says.  “I was lucky enough this year coming back after covering the softball team to go through the new airport security check, so the girls got a good laugh out of that.”

When asked why, “I was pretty tan.”

Personally being around Spatafore for my first three years here at Lock Haven, I can honestly say I have never seen anyone work as hard and dilligently as he has.  He is at every event, gives the broadcasters of Havencast the starting line-ups and stat sheets for each team and just helps with all aspects of the events.

Working along side he and Peter Campbell has been an absolute blast the last three years with some of the events we have covered and I have been very thankful for all of the oppurtunities they have given me in my tenure here.

For Alex, John, and I, we are incredibly thankful that Doug and his Sports Information staff has allowed us to use his articles for our section.  Without him, this section would not be done by the Wednesday deadline.  Anyone reading this, please give Doug a break for next year.

When asked about another memory that happened while not covering a sport, Spatafore mentioned one of his arch rivals in a tough wrestling match that occured at the 2009 PSAC Championships at Vonnie Gros field in West Chester.

“Yeah, when [Derek] Caldwell pinned me at West Chester.  He got lucky though,” he laughs.

Next year, Doug.  Next year.


One thought on “The man behind the Sports Section: A Thank You to Doug Spatafore

  1. anna schwerer says:

    Hi Doug: My sister Lois Spatafore sent me this nice article about you. I play tennis with your father as you may recall. Glad all is going well for you. Bob Schwerer

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