90s albums you may have missed

John Sosnowski Copy Editor jsosnows@lockhaven.edu April 20, 2017 It seems nostalgia for the pop culture of the Nineties is at an all-time high. With the twenty and thirty-somethings who grew up with it now plodding through in a poor economy, can you blame them for feeling sentimental about Nicktoons and “Space Jam?” The reminiscence extends […]

An Insider’s View of One Slight Hitch

Katharine Grubb kmg183@lockhaven.edu Staff Writer April 20, 2017   An insider’s view of one slight hitch These past two weekends, instead of sleeping or hanging with friends, I spent my evenings performing in “One Slight Hitch” LHU’s main-stage spring semester play. While being in the show prohibits me from writing an accurate and unbiased article […]

Your rad summer road trip playlist

Katharine Grubb kmg183@lockhaven.com Staff Writer April 20, 2017   Your summer road trip playlist Because this is the last issue of The Eagle Eye before spring semester is officially over and summer break begins, I thought it would be appropriate to create a summer-vacationer playlist to enjoy on the road in celebration of this rejuvenating […]

Stressed? Plan a movie marathon

Katharine Grubb Staff Writer kmg183@lockhaven.edu April 13, 2017   Everyone has a go-to film set that satisfies their movie marathon needs, but often college students think they don’t have enough time, or are unmotivated to dust off their DVDs and nestle down for some quality T.V. time. Here are ten ways to ensure a perfect […]

The Eagle Eye’s ultimate picnic playlist

Katharine Grubb Staff Writer kmg183@lockhaven.edu April 13, 2017   Your Ultimate Picnic Playlist Spring is here, and while that may mean runny noses and watery eyes for some, the few lucky enough to escape the curse of allergies can enjoy fresh air, blooming flowers, and the blue sky/white clouds aesthetic the rest of us can’t. […]

A Netflix Review: “13 Reasons Why”

Katharine Grubb Staff Writer kmg183@lockhaven.edu April 06, 2017   “13 Reasons Why,” a high school drama about a girl who commits suicide, was released to Netflix on April 7. The show includes only one season currently, with 13 episodes and a short documentary about the making of the show.  If you have not watched the […]

Sampha fans “Process” a solid first album

John Sosnowski Copy Editor jsosnows@lockhaven.edu March 30, 2017   On February 1, up and coming singer Sampha Sisay, who releases music simply by the name “Sampha,” had a watershed career moment with the release of his first proper album, known as “Process.” The 28 year old English singer, songwriter and producer has previously made a […]

Top 10 horror movies on Netflix

Gina Spinner Guest Writer grs3528@lockhaven.edu March 30, 2017   It is dark out and your friends are coming over to watch a scary movie. You make popcorn and Google “top scary movies on Netflix.” I don’t know who made these lists, but they have bad taste. I like situations that keep you on the edge […]

Top five sports movies, continued

By John Sosnowski February 16, 2017 Last week, my colleague offered a list of his top 5 sports films. A quality list though it was, it left out several of my favorites, especially left-field selections outside of men’s stick-and-ball sports. So, I present 5 more sports films worth a watch. Little Giants “That’s no cheerleader, […]

Grammy awards wow the crowds

By Katharine Grubb February 16, 2017 On Sunday, Feb. 12 the 59th annual Grammy Awards ceremony took place at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The event was hosted by James Cordon and there were hundreds of people in attendance, most of them nominees for one or more of the 30 fields and 83 categories […]