Marijuana: the medicine, the misinformation, and the legality

James Harkness Guest Writer jrh4558@lhup.edu April 20, 2017   Reefer, pot, weed, or even the somewhat menacing devil’s lettuce are all terms many of us are familiar with. So many names given to the plant more formally known as marijuana, or cannabis (whichever rolls off your tongue nicer). Though native to Asian climates, marijuana, and […]

Trump and the Veteran: Friend or foe?

By  April 20, 2017 On Tuesday, April 14, USA Today ran the opinion column from Thomas Lipscomb entitled “The [sic] surprising truth about Trump and veterans: Column.” In the piece, Lipscomb alludes to President Trump’s ceremony for Medal of Honor Day on Friday, March 24. Lipscomb suggests that, although some may consider the event “cynical […]

Watch for speed traps

Derek Danneker Opinions Editor ddd4907@lockhaven.edu April 06, 2017   The Lock Haven Police have, from time to time, taken to placing speed traps at the entrance of the University. Now, it is completely understandable that university students should observe the rules of the road and drive safely within their means. However – and, perhaps its […]

Lock Haven University takes financial hit

Analee Gentzel Opinion Writing Campus Issue February 18, 2017 Lock Haven University has taken a big hit financially resulting in multiple cuts and money decisions including cutting sports teams, requiring students to live on campus through their junior year, and using only two trolleys instead of three. The one I want to highlight on is cutting out one […]

On the failure of trump care and the universal coverage pipedream

Derek Danneker Opinions Editor ddd4907@lockhaven.edu   On the failure of trump care and the universal coverage pipedream Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, pulled the American Health Care Act the afternoon of March 24, much to the apparent relief of nearly everyone. In a poll released by Quinnipiac University the Thursday before, it […]

The war for drugs: Why all drugs should be legal

By Derek Danneker March 9, 2017 I exited the chilled and blusterous air created by the departing trains, rounding the corner of the marbled floor and tiled walls to ascend up the stairs. Our itinerant coalition arrived at Suburban Station, Philadelphia, on our way to celebrate the impending marriage of our compatriot. As I hit […]

Democratic reorganization

By March 9, 2017 On January 24, liberal columnist Katrina Vanden Heuvel published an editorial with The Washington Post entitled “Why Trump’s con can’t last forever.” In the article, she champions the argument that President Trump will “discover that he can’t simply order up the change he wants,” as the political establishment will prove an […]

The precarious job of president

By Joel Williamson March 9, 2017 We’ve seen him do his best at home and it’s not going so well right now. He’s alienated refugees, done nothing about racist acts against non-white, non-heterosexual persons and signed presidential mandates like thank-you cards. Now we have to see what he does with other countries who might want to […]

Trump: The rise and Russian caveat

By Derek Danneker March 2, 2017 In a speech given to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Feb. 24 President Trump continued doing what he seemingly does best. That is, railing the media for their coverage which he finds unpleasant and fake. Expectedly, he took the fight to twitter, “The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, […]

Unsustainable universities will all come crashing down

By Noah Ellison March 2, 2017 This is referring to higher education as an institution.. It is, most likely, going to fall. I would venture to guess it would be after most of the current students graduate, but, particularly at our own institution, the system is already beginning to show cracks. This school is already […]